09.19.18 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns

2018-19 Goals

  • We can learn more math in order to pass it on to our grade level teams.
  • We can scale our learning to our teams.
  • We can deeply understand the Standards for Mathematical Practices.
  • We can deepen, differentiate, and extend learning for the students in our classroom. (Instructional Core goal)

2018-19 Action Steps

  1. Participate in or recruit others to participate in Embolden Your Inner Mathematician or Strengthen Your Inner Mathematician.
  2. Refine and rework learning progressions to deeply understand the essentials to learn, to improve actionable formative assessment techniques and strategies, and to know our learners as mathematicians.

Today’s Agenda:

3:30 Establishing Intent, Purpose, Norm Setting

  • How is the year going?
  • What are you looking forward to this year?
  • What are you interested in learning on the math committee?
3:40 Review Goals for Math Committee (above)

Review Action Steps (above)

3:45 Estimation 180 Example Lesson
4:00 Planning for Estimation 180

Caroline’s Kindergarten Estimation 180 Example

  • Gather in groups, Select specific Estimation 180 to bring back to your team
  • Explore, Plan, Anticipate
  • Connect
4:15 Share:

  • What did you decide to bring back to your team?
  • How will it be used in your grade level?
  • Why is it useful?
  • What can your students learn from it?
4:25 Closure and Reflection

(I liked… because…, I wish…, I wonder…)

Please complete the 2018-19 Feedback and Attendance Form.

End of session

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