10.25.19 Advance Your Inner Mathematician (Session 4) #TrinityLearns

Selecting and Sequencing Student Solutions:

  • Purposeful Selection to Tell a Coherent Story
  • Challenges to face and take upĀ 

Course Goals:

At the end of the semester, participants should be able to say:

  • I can exercise mathematical flexibility to show what I know in more than one way.
  • I can intentionally plan and teach using the 5 Practice Framework.

Session Goals:

At the end of this session, participants should be able to say:

  • I can select cognitively challenging mathematical tasks that align to the specified learning goal.
  • I can work independently and collectively to anticipate student responses.




7:30 10 min Gather and connect

  • Remember the book: The 5 Practices in Practice and keep reading (should be through Monitor today)
  • Review the 5 Practices and the 2 prior steps
7:45 30 min Equation String for us (not our students)

  • Look for Regularity in Repeated Reasoning
  • Look for and Make Use of Structure
8:15 45 min Formidable Task: True or False: 3 x 16 = 6 x 8

  • Anticipate student thinking
  • Select, Sequence, and Connect using student work
    • Students
    • Mathematics
9:00 10 min Lesson debrief

Goal setting and planning for the next two weeks

9:10 5 min Intentional closure
9:15 Session 4 concludes

Jill’s notes:

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