11.09.17 Literacy Committee Agenda #trinitylearns

Date: Thursday November 9, 2017

3:00 3:05 Welcome/Maintenance
3:05 3:20 Compliment Conference Check-in

  • Review what a Compliment Conference is
  • Conferring Notebooks and feedback
  • What does it look like in your classroom now?
  • What is your goal for conferring?
3:20 3:45 Share Conferring Notebooks
3:45 3:55 Tips for Conferring in Small Groups

I learned, I liked, I wonder

Final Thoughts:

  • Read pgs. 67-69
  • Before our next meeting read pgs. 70-75
Parking Lot: Literacy Committee members facilitate conferring conversation and 

gallery walk at next team meeting. Reiterate that conferring is our goal. 


10.11.17 Literacy Committee Meeting #trinitylearns

Individualized Daily Reading- Conferring with Students

EED- Watch Chris/Elise (Reading)

UED- Watch Lauren/Gretchen (Writing)

EED- Watch Nicole/Julia (Writing)

UED- Watch Grace/Kerry (Reading)

Date: Wednesday October 11, 2017

3:40 3:50 Welcome/Maintenance

  • Please sign up for snacks
  • Share bright spots
3:50 4:00
4:00 4:25
  • Conferring with Readers Chapter 5- Reinforcing Students’ Strengths: Compliment Conference  Read, Discuss, Share your 3 big points
    • Group 1 pg. 48-50 Why Start with Strengths
    • Group 2 pg. 50-54 Individual Compliment Conf.
    • Group 3 pg. 54-60 Table Compliment Conf.
  • Complement Conference- Jen Serravallo- Compliment Conference
  • Read Lucy Calkins- Chapter on Conferring with Readers
    • Decide
    • Compliment
4:25 4:30 Final Thoughts

  • Please go back and share what you have learned about the Compliment Conference with your team.
  • Bring your conferring notebook with student notes to share at the next meeting on Thursday, November 9.
Parking Lot:

Conferring With Readers Book Study