11.14.16 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday, November 14, 2016

3:00 10 min Check in and Celebrations

  • Kindergarten: Had their writing celebration.
    Every child read their book and the students that
    were listening were a great audience.
  • 5th Grade: Excited to have completed their narrative unit.
  • 4th Grade: Completed their first unit.
3:10 10 min Any Observations?

  • Observation in Adams/Stewart: S were writing
    a lot and showed a lot of improvement from kindergarten.
  • Michelle Observation: Great lesson in 4th grade.
  • Observation in Megan’s room in K: Neat to see
    the progress they have made in writer’s workshop.
    Turn in talk was a great way for all of the students to participate.
  • Observation in April’s room:
    The routine seemed very familiar to the kids.
3:20 30 min Debrief from Lisa’s Workshop PD

  • What went well?
    • Glad to see the mini lesson as well as conferences.
    • It was helpful to see a mini lesson and
      then talk to Lisa afterwards.
    • Useful to see the expectations for 6th grade writing.
    • Nice to see t
    • That we can make the mini lesson our own.
    • 6th grade will adjust the language to be
      grade level appropriate.
    • Students are more interested in writing.
  • What do you still need?
    • Upper grades would like to see the
      conferring piece of workshop.
    • Time to confer with writers.
    • Wanted to see assessments.
    • Videos on conferring and/or mini-lessons
      followed by a discussion
  • What are you going to implement?
    • It was helpful to see Lisa confer with students and
      review the structure.
    • Observe teachers who are a few lesson ahead of
      you to help prepare for the lesson.
    • Use the writing samples to level your student’s
      writing and find goals for your students.
    • Complement conference
3:50 10 min Share out with the whole group
4:00 10 min Next Meeting?

  • Continue to observe mini-lessons for other grades
  • Focus on conferring (?)
  • Marsha, I went rogue (!) and asked about spending
    some time conferring. A good idea surfaced and we’d
    like to discuss it in the next literacy chair meeting. Javonne
What would you be interested in learning about?

  • Assessment
  • On demand prompts
  • Schedules/time management
  • Let’s be done with it
  • Students seemed more interested with free writing
  • What should we show parents?
  • Difficult to take grades
  • What grade does each scaled score equal?