08.24.16 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
First Meeting of the Year

3:30 10 min Welcome!

Introduction of members

3:40 45 min
  • Goals
    • Structure of the Mini Lesson,
    • Monthly observations,
    • Student Work Samples/Team Planning
    • Notes:
      • This year our main focus is the mini lesson.
      • You can use the Mini Lesson template to
        create a summary of each lesson.
      • Each committee member should invite teachers
        on their grade level to watch a mini lesson
        and give positive feedback.
      • Complete your observation before September 19.
  • Responsibilities as Committee Member
    • Check in with your team and get the pulse.
      How is workshop going?
    • Has your team planned your units on
      Curriculum Map? Edit your curriculum map and
      make sure that all of your workshop units are included.
    • You can find the curriculum map on Haiku
    • When are you starting Readers/Writers Workshop?
      • 3rd Grade:
        • Completing intro lessons this week
          for reading and writing.
        • Starting workshop next week
          for reading and writing.
        • Completing theon demand writing
          assessment this week.
      • 4th Grade:
        • Doing the pre writing assessment and
          starting writer’s workshop next week.
      • 5th Grade:
        • Taking 2 weeks to review sentence structure
          before starting writer’s workshop.
        • Complete “good fit book” lessons.
      • 1st Grade:
        • Talked about what is a good spot to read?
        • Launching reader’s workshop this week.
        • Will begin unit 1 after Labor Day.
      • 2nd Grade:
        • Building routines before starting the units.
        • Complete “Good fit book” and
          “good reading spot” lessons.
        • Talked about building stamina.
        • Started compliment conferences.
      • Early Learners:
        • Starting foundations of writing
          using Handwriting Without Tears.
        • For reading students are taking
          a picture walk by reading books
          with no words.
      • Pre K:
        • Launched three ways to read this week.
        • Began read to self.
        • Read for 1 minute today!
      • Kindergarten:
        • Starting reading and writing workshop.
          Learning routines.
      • 6th Grade:
        • Completed the on demand prompt today
          for writer’s workshop.
        • They wrote for 45 minutes.
        • Talking about big moment vs.
          small moment tomorrow.
      • Media Center:
        • Will help students find good fit books and
          can help teachers find mentor texts.
  • Look at On Demand sample and rubric for your first Unit of Study
    • Norming Meeting: During the norming meeting
      each class brings three levels of work.
      Use the rubric to discuss each piece.
4:25 5 min Closing

Next Meeting