05.10.17 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday, May 10, 2017 at 3:10:3:45
(part of FSLT meeting)
Location: Community Room

2017-18 Goals:

  • Continued work on vertical alignment to create a balanced literacy curriculum
  • Expanding knowledge of best practices and their role in our current program (mini-lesson, conferring, small/strategy group, read-aloud, mentor text/sentences)
  • Sharing work with grade level teams to grow our entire community as teachers
  • Raising the level of teacher confidence and gaining clarity in what deepening learning means in literacy through assessment practices

Action Steps:

  • Study and participate in discussions around the Units of Study by Lucy Calkins and Reading/Writing Strategies by Jen Serravallo
  • Analyze best practices from #TCWRP and utilize the materials/videos provided
  • Refine and improve learning progression and other assessment practices for vertical alignment and knowing your learners as readers and writers.
  • Make conferring toolkits and personal sketchbook


  • To collaborate with the Director of Curriculum to plan committee meetings, team meetings, and professional development
  • To work as a team to meet the above goals
  • To develop a plan for sharing, coaching, and teaching grade level members to further equip them with the tools to further gain confidence as a reader/writer/speaker/listener.

05.08.17 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns


3:30 10 min Welcome

Review of Agenda

3: 40 20 min Gallery Walk of Writing Samples
(1 beginning of year and 1 current)

  • What stands out?
  • How has the writing/writer grown?
  • Opportunities for My Learning reflection/interview.
3:50 20 min Vertical Collaboration

  • Lower grade speaks to upper grade
    about what they’ve worked on and
    what they’ll need for next year in writing instruction.
  • What were your ESSENTIAL
    teaching points for writing?
  • What still needs work? Please take notes and
    share back with your team.


  • EL-PK
  • K-1
  • 2-3
  • 4-5 (6 listens in)


  • PK-K (EL listens in)
  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
4:15 10 min Next year…

Conferring with readers/writers, small group instruction,
essential skills for reading and writing at each grade level.

PD from Teacher’s College? Webinars, videos?
15-20 min each meeting per division

4:25 5 min Final Thoughts?

Attendance and Feedback

What would you be interested in learning about?

  • Assessment
  • What should we show parents?
  • Difficult to take grades
  • What grade does each scaled score equal?