02.20.17 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday February 20, 2017

3:30 10 min Check in and Celebrations
3:40 10 min Feedback about Summer Lit/Math PD

Save the Date Flyer

3:50 20 min Spelling Instruction?



  • Go through the sound deck
  • Dictate 1-2 times a week
  • Vowel practice-say a word and
    the students hold up the stick that shows
    the vowel sound they hear.

First Grade:

  • Word sorts
  • Nonsense words
  • One teacher does Orton while
    the other teachers learned words.
  • Each class teaches the same Orton
    and learned words each week.


2nd Grade:

  • Words Their Way Inventory
  • Differentiated word study groups

3rd Grade:

  • Mentor Sentences
  • DOL as morning work
  • Word/sentence dictation
  • Use Recipe for Reading

4th Grade:

  • Orton-Gillingham one week.
    Wordly Wise the next week.
  • Mentor sentences from
    Reader’s Workshop read aloud

5th Grade:

  • Teacher created resources
  • Identifying misspelled words
    in sentences (test prep)
  • How do we teach S to correct
    misspelled words?
  • Words commonly used activity

6th Grade:

  • 2 days literature, 2 days
    Writer’s Workshop
  • Teaches spelling lessons if a skill
    is difficult for students


  • Describe in your group what spelling work
    looks like in your classroom?
  • What are you using to guide
    your spelling instruction?
    Reference materials, books?
  • What does assessment and
    differentiation look like?
  • Word Walls? Do you have one?
    How are you using it?
4:10 15 min Article Discussion:  Writing in Kindergarten
4:25 5 min Attendance and Feedback
What would you be interested
in learning about?

  • Assessment
  • On demand prompts
  • Schedules/time management
  • Let’s be done with it
  • Students seemed more
    interested with free writing
  • What should we show parents?
  • Difficult to take grades
  • What grade does each scaled score equal?