01.04.17 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Wednesday January 4, 2017

3:30 10 min Check in and Celebrations

  • 3rd grade is completing their informational books and
    the students are excited with how their
    published books are turning out!
  • 5th grade reorganized their reader’s notebooks
    into sections (anchor charts, classwork, homework).
    The students feel that the organization is helpful and
    they are excited about their new notebooks.
  • 1st grade enjoyed their nonfiction reading unit and
    are now starting their on demand prompt for nonfiction writing.
  • 2nd grade is writing nonfiction books about force and motion.
  • 4th grade has been working on their nonfiction unit and
    are using their reader’s notebooks to keep graphic organizers.
  • Kindergarten just completed persuasive writing and is about
    to begin how to books.
  • Learning team is working on writing stamina and organization
3:40 10 min January Running Records (Michelle will Lead!)

  • Pre-k: outliers
  • K: all students/this might be the 1st assessment
    done on some students
  • 1st-5th: all students

Learning Team will assist with all students who receive service.

Benchmark Expectations for Grade Levels– independent

3:50 10 Characteristics of Readers

  • Discussion in grade levels
4:00 20 min Power Writing
4:20 10 min Parking Lot?

-spelling and writing

Attendance and Feedback
What would you be interested in learning about?

  • Assessment
  • On demand prompts
  • Schedules/time management
  • Let’s be done with it
  • Students seemed more interested with free writing
  • What should we show parents?
  • Difficult to take grades
  • What grade does each scaled score equal?