02.08.16 FLST Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Learning Plan
Monday, February 8th from 3:00-4:00
Samantha’s room (2229)

3:00 5 min Welcome –

Feb 17th Literacy PD

  • 12:30 meeting with Rhonda/Jill/Marsha
  • 3:30 meeting with Lisa Eickholdt,
    author of
    Learning From Classmates
    Please bring copies of UoS in Writing
    (whether it’s old or new)
3:05 15 min
  • Bright Spots – What’s going well?
    • Monique – How to writing, lots of writing going on in K!
      Inserted the power umbrella in there, too! Now writing in
      travel journal as they “travel” to different places.
    • Helen – Non-fiction unit in readingg and writing!
    • Grace – Samantha & I are doing the non-fiction UoS
      in reading right now and the kids are so excited to about it.
    • Robin – Noticed how far 3’s have come in fine motor work
      when she was at Saturday testing and saw older kids who
      were not as strong. Our current 3’s are ready to write!
    • Kailynn & Javonne – Have started their integrated middle ages
      Canterbury Tales study. Building the kids’ background
      knowledge/timeline to bring to the texts they’re reading.
      Connect to church and state and bring in current events
      (try website: Newsela, can level the text)
    • Amanda – Productive and constructive feedback for their
      current poetry unit. Kids give each other feedback and use to
      revise their rough draft. “How does this help me as a writer?”
      Aligns with SAIS work on empowering students.
    • Ann Reid – Patricia Polacco author study –
      diving into literary elements! Sharing as a team and l
      earning from each other. Lots of Wagon Train writing right now.
      Honing in on editing process and using power writing to organize ideas.
      Lots of persuasion!
    • Ashley – Students are researching to prepare for Living Museum.
      Writing in journals to align with study of Colonial America. Kids are excited!
3:20 20 min Mini Lesson

  • Grace & Ashley
    • Word Study
    • Orton-Gillingham


  • Word list every week
  • Word sort or “hook” activity on Monday
  • Dictation on Tuesday, can tap the syllables
  • Sentence dictation on Thursday
  • Working on neatness when working on a blank page
  • Friday assessment – 12 words, sentences
  • Uses Recipe for Reading


3:40 15 min “Poem in Your Pocket” Day – Ideas and explanation

  • Kick-off National Poetry Month beginning of April
  • Monday 4/25 will be our school-wide “Poem in Your Pocket” day,
    First Grade will start us off with a poetry-themed TTT!
  • Meredith – mentor poets by grade level?
  • Poetry break with buddies?
3:55 5 min Check out and close of meeting