Things that I’ve noticed today…

Waking my kids up 15 minutes earlier makes for a happier morning for all

Whether you’re a morning person or not, waking up at 5:15 is EARLY! Those “lazy days of summer” are now over and it’s hustle and bustle around all of our homes earlier than we’d like. Getting ready for work is like running a tight ship. If I don’t get myself ready before my angels wake up, expect me to arrive more frazzled than normal!

The way that I wake my kids up can make or break everyone’s day. This is something to keep in mind when working with children daily. That very first moment in the morning can set the tone for the day. Some mornings I still need to stop myself from fussing and rushing my kids when that extra 15 minutes will solve all problems!

This morning, I was able to wake my children up more gently, give them extra snuggles, have conversation with them and talk about all of the fun they were about to have at school.  2 drop-offs later, they were both happy and so was mommy…now on to carpool duty!

Carpool can still be difficult for little ones  (and mommies) to say goodbye

It seemed to be an extra busy morning with little ones needing a helping hand, and even a “mommy hip” to be carried down to their classroom. It must be so hard for them to be dropped off and whisked away without their parent. For some, it’s a piece of cake and for others, it’s traumatizing! We have such a loving group of teachers here helping students, wiping tears, holding hands and hugging tight until they feel safe. As a parent, I’d like to know and see that my little one is being loved. What a great place to be for a kid!

Pre-k students loved coming to the idea lab

Ms. Erin, Ms. Martha and Ms. Kelly brought their awesome pre-k students in to the Idea Lab today to explore the iPads. We took pictures of our friends and used those pictures in Doodle Buddy to write our name and add stamps that we like. They did a great job following directions and accessing their picture from the camera roll, annotating over it and saving it back to the camera roll! Don’t underestimate the determined and tech savvy 4 yr. olds!

6th grade and planning for the school theme

 It was fun watching the 6th graders prepare the video for the new school theme! This assembly brings so much anticipation for all of the students and brings us together to work for the same goals. Whether it’s “living above the line”, having SWAG, or “keeping calm and playing on”, I love the excitement and responsibility it allows the 6th graders to share with our community!

Learner, Thinker, Writer: Marsha Harris serves the Trinity School community as the Lead Instructional Technology Specialist. @marshamac74

4 thoughts on “Things that I’ve noticed today…

  1. Maryellen Berry

    Marsha, that 15 minutes makes a huge difference. How easy it is to turn for an attitude – ours or children’s – to sour when we try to rush. Here’s to setting my alarm clock a bit earlier tomorrow!

  2. Marsha, I can so relate to your post about what a difference that extra 15 minutes can make. It’s the difference between being able to meditate in the morning or not to! It sure makes a difference in my life when I can!

  3. This is so true! It was tough for me to wake up this morning, and I thought to myself, “Wow! I need to set my alarm 15 minutes earlier!” Rushing my kids out the door, and being stressed about the time, is not the best way to start the day. Tomorrow is another day. 😉

  4. I learned a long time ago that my boys had a much better day at school when they were among the first to arrive. I drove off a happier and more relaxed mom just because of those few extra minutes.

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