Selected to further our community health and wellness, the following TED talks are offered to help us reflect on and engage in conversation of how we understand ourselves and others.

  • The videos will play from this page.  
  • Use the associated hyperlinked text to read the corresponding transcripts. 
    • Access to a transcript may help you select your sentence, phrase, and word for our discussion in the fall.

You are invited (and encouraged!) to add your sentence, phrase, and word in the comment section below as you watch and reflect. (Please be sure to include the title of the talk in your comment.) 

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life


Kelly McGonical | How To Make Stress Your Friend


Richard St. John | 8 secrets of success


Sophie Scott | Why we laugh

Chip Conley | Measuring what makes life worthwhile


Dan Pink | The puzzle of motivation