Selected to further our diversity work, the following TED talks are offered to help us reflect on and engage in conversation of how we understand ourselves and others.

The videos will play from this page.  To see and read the corresponding transcripts, use the associated hyperlinked text. Access to a transcript may help you select your sentence, phrase, and word for our discussion in the fall.  You are invited to add your sentence, phrase, and word in the comment section below as you watch and reflect. (Please be sure to include the title of the talk in your comment.)  

Julie Lythcott-Haims: How to raise successful kids — without over-parenting

 Dena Simmons: How students of color confront impostor syndrome

Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what

Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself

Shonda Rhimes: My year of saying yes to everything

Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

Clint Smith: The danger of silence

Aimee Mullins: My 12 pairs of legs

John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Games

Kimberly Bryant: Black Girls Code (transcript not available)

Todd Rose: The Myth of Average (transcript not available)

3 thoughts on “Voices of Diversity

  1. I’m watching Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself.

    Sentence: Why are people pouring their brilliant individual light into a mold? (4:12)
    Phrase: ability rather than a disability (1:55)
    Word: labeled (4:00)

  2. I watched Dena Simmons – “…Imposter Syndrome..”

    Sentence: Don’t underestimate the power of a mother determined to keep her children safe.”

    Phrase: learning about themselves

    Word: As- King

  3. I’ve now watched Dena Simmons, too, Javonne. I love Don’t underestimate the power of a mother determined to keep her children safe. I was inspired by your SPW choices. Here are mine:

    Sentence: Every child deserves an education that guarantees the safety to learn in the comfort of one’s own skin. (7:35)

    Phrase: …create emotionally and physically safe classrooms … (8:10)

    Word: thrive (8:10)

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