How might we deepen our thinking and teaching around strengthening our learners’ character foundation? What if we spend some time thinking deeply about children’s literature and planning how to use it in our read-aloud moments to connect to character, values, and social-emotional learning and growth?

Our media specialists, Meredith and Myra, continue to develop a collection of children’s books for this purpose. This collection will be available for check out (and back in) all summer.  You may also select books that you find and regularly use.

Let’s read 10 picture books and plan learning intentions to use them for character education and values learning during read-aloud and other teachable moments with our students.

When designing these learning intentions:

  • Use the same Visible Thinking Routines, Sentence-Phrase-Word and/or Connect-Extend-Challenge, to read closely.
  • Notice and note big Ideas, themes, and teaching points.
  • Notice and note connection to reading and writing strategies.
  • Notice and note connection to Progress Report Checklist of Skills.

See below for two examples and some suggested books:

Here’s what to do:

  1. Select and read a book.
  2. Open and make a copy of the lesson intention template.
  3. Complete the lesson intention.
  4. Share it with Jill and drop a link to your plan in the comments below.
    (There is an example there too.)
  5. Repeat.

Here are some book suggestions from Meredith and Myra:

6 thoughts on “Using Children’s Literature to Build Character Foundation

  1. Here’s my lesson intention for Rachel Bright’s Love Monster and the Last Chocolate.Love Monster and the Last Chocolate

    Sentence: But just as he went to lift the lid, he had a sort of queasy-squeezy feeling in his heart.
    Phrase: … stop to think of others…
    Word: kinder

  2. shaun mccarthy

    Sharing my lesson intention from Giraffes Can’t Dance:
    Giraffes Can't Dance

    Sentence: We all can dance when we find music we love.

    Phrase: Gerald swallowed bravely …

    Word: Sommersault

  3. shaun mccarthy

    Here is my Marshmallow lesson intention.

    Sentence: The bunny cuddled up to him.

    Phrase: … that they were friends

    Word: Friendship

  4. Here is my lesson intention for The Little Red Hen
    The Little Red Hen
    Sentence: The Little Red ended up doing all of the work around the house.

    Phrase: Not I

    Word: All

  5. Here is my lesson intention for Hey, Little Ant

    Sentence: Well, now it’s gonna squish you flat

    Phrase: ….much like me

    Word: should

  6. Here is my lesson intention for Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse

    Sentence: That night Lilly drew a new picture of Mr. Slinger and wrote a story about him, too.

    Phrase: ….really really sorry

    Word: felt

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