Select a book, viewing channel, or activity and indicate your choice by completing the 2017 Summer Learning form. Please declare your choice no later than May 1.

As you read and reflect, you are invited to add your sentence, phrase, and word in the comment section below. (Please be sure to include the title of the book in your comment.)  Please contribute your sentence, phrase, and word on the corresponding pages if you selected Voices of Diversity or Using Children’s Literature to Build Character Foundation.

3 thoughts on “2017 Summer Learning

  1. I’m reading Mike Flynn’s Beyond Answers.

    From the introduction:
    Sentence: Our main goal as math teachers is not to help students do math, but to help them understand math. (p. 5-6)
    Phrase: …things started to fall apart because we never developed a strong conceptual understanding. (p. 7)
    Word: connections (p.5)

  2. I’m reading Mike Flynn’s Beyond Answers as well:

    From Chapter 1: Mathematical Practice 1: Make Sense of (Tasks) and Persevere in Solving Them:

    Sentence: We want students to see problems as real-life events because contexts are one important way students make sense. (p.19)

    Phrase: …perseverance is a life skill that transcends mathematics. (p.29)

    Word: entry points (p.14)

  3. Kristi Story

    From Beyond Answers:

    Chapter 3 – Mathematical Practice 3: Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others

    Sentence: What’s nice about this time (kindergarten) is that students aren’t coming with deeply rooted, preconceived notations of what math class should look and sound like.

    Phrase: productive mathematical discourse

    Word: ownership

    I will definitely be adding more as I finish this book – WHICH I LOVE!

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