Commitment to Trinity School

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It was a long day – for all of us. Members of the Board of Trustees met at Trinity for a Board Retreat from noon – 5:00PM with the Leadership Team. Together we listened to current trends and potential shifts in schools from Dr. Jeff Jackson, Georgia Independent School Association President, and then broke into teams to identify what Trinity might need and would look like in 8 years. What struck me about this afternoon’s work was the passion, love, and commitment of this group of Trustees for Trinity School. Few of these folks will have children at the school in 8 years and some have graduates who are adults. Still, they labored, discussed, and forecasted the future of our school. Their comments were born of a desire to create pathways for future generations of students to experience the school that has been and the school that is now.

Each month Board members meet to serve in committees who work on behalf of Trinity School. They share expertise from their respective fields and listen to those of us whose roles are to tend to the daily work of a school. The commitment of their time and talents is humbling.

As I prepare to write my January Board update, I am grateful for this group of dedicated individuals whose primary responsibilities are outside the realm of the classroom, yet they intentionally lean into the present and stretch ahead to the future for Trinity children. Thank you, Trustees, for the gift of your time and expertise. Thank you even more for your commitment and passion for this great school.

Learner, Thinker, Writer: Maryellen Berry serves the Trinity School community as Upper Elementary Divsion Head.

What is Your Purpose?

Noun: the reason for which something exists 

What is your purpose? What is preventing you from discovering your purpose?


Leadercast Women asked this very question to the hundreds in attendance. That is a pretty lofty question to impose on someone, isn’t it? I honestly can’t articulate my purpose on this Earth in a neatly written phrase…YET. I know that we are here for many reasons beyond our recognition and understanding. Purpose for ourselves, and purpose for others. 
So, that was the theme of the day, Powered By Purpose.
What are you even here for?
How have you gotten to the place where you are now?
Can you see a clear path, with direction for your future? 
As educators, we could say that our purpose is quite clear. Our purpose is to serve children, nurture their academic and character growth, and help them find THEIR purpose. But deep down, beyond our job, our purpose is bigger than that. Being able to articulate our purpose will help empower, drive, and inspire action. 


The gift that was given to me yesterday was a cold, gray stone. I have the responsibility of leaving no stone unturned until I am clear about my purpose and the journey that I’m taking during this time on Earth. I need to push away those roadblocks, turn over stones, and discover more about myself. 
As I reflect on the messages from the incredible speakers, I will continue to post my thoughts through their words and inspiration in the upcoming posts on my personal blog. You can follow along and hear their stories of purpose at LinkToLearning!
Molly Fletcher, Neeta Bhushan, Ginger Hardage, Laura Vanderkan, Shabnam Mogharabi, Mama Jan Smith, Dr. Bernice King, and Jenn Lim
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Learner, Thinker, Writer: Marsha Harris serves the Trinity School community as the Director of Curriculum.