La Grafiti de Colombia

I am thrilled to share the following #doodlenotes about a few lessons I just finished up with my 6th graders. We learned about how graffiti is changing Colombia- brightening up its cities, challenging false narratives, shifting political thought, and empowering its youth.

I was honored to meet and spend some time with one local grafitero, Nico. He graciously agreed to let me film him talking about his work, and my students loved watching the video and checking out his crew’s instagram page (pre-screened and supervised by me, of course). I will be sending him their response videos this week, and the students are excited to hear back.

Gratitude continues to abound as I reflect upon and share my experiences with students. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as my students and I have had during the lessons.

Learner, Thinker, Writer: Lauren Kinnard serves the Trinity School community as a World Languages Teacher. 

3 thoughts on “La Grafiti de Colombia

  1. It sounds like your trip really made an impression on you and thus your students. How wonderful! Thanks for exposing our 6th graders to this interesting part of Colombia.

  2. Lauren,
    I love how you’ve connected YOUR learning to your STUDENT’s learning progressions. What an interesting way to lesson plan and reflect on the outcome of the lesson! I’m so glad that your time in Columbia has continued to inspire you to teach through a cultural lens.

  3. Your sketch notes are gorgeous and enable me to see the course of your instruction, too. Thank you for sharing your talents with our students and with us in this platform.

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