Why Outdoor Education?

After two outdoor education trips this fall, I was thinking about why these trips are so important. The answers can be simple: a change of pace, time unplugged, bonding for a class, and learning about the natural world. These certainly are true – for students and for the adults that accompany them. But I think it is learning about each student that tops the list.

I encountimg_5165er students who are confident in the classroom, but away from home need support and encouragement. I learn who these children are and have the opportunity to help theimg_5013m. I learn which students know every last detail about fiddler crabs and those that have a keen eye on the beach for unseen treasures. I gain knowledge about those with fantastic leadership skills who can help a group problem solve at a low ropes element. I have the privilege of seeing students take physical risks, like swimming deeper in the ocean than they want to swim or try out paddling in a canoe. I see students taking emotional risks, like touching a snake or a crab for the first time or allowing others to lift them through a hole in a web. I see students taking social risks, like developing a friendship that was only an acquaintance a few days before.

img_5170Traveling away from the comfortable and the known creates opportunities for growth and learning for adults and students alike. The change of pace is great. The sunshine on my face is fantastic. The exercise without planning is refreshing. But the chance to learn more about our students is a gift.


Learner, Thinker, Writer: Maryellen Berry serves Trinity School as the UED Division Head

2 thoughts on “Why Outdoor Education?

  1. What a wonderful opportunity you have to get to know our students in different ways and make connections with them outside of the typical school day.

  2. I love being a part of the outdoor education trips for many years! Thanks for writing about all of the positive attributes that the trips bring to our students and teachers alike!

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