Just Dance!

Another birthday has just passed, and it is always a reminder for me to count all the blessings and good things I have in my life. I could write on and on about all the ways I feel blessed, but when I reflect on the one thing that brings me the most happiness, one thing always comes to mind… DANCE! Everyday I wake up and give thanks for my healthy body that allows me to move freely and naturally to music. I’ve been enjoying dance for as long as I can remember, but only in the past year have I begun sharing my joy and enthusiasm for it with others. It was after a difficult time in my life that I felt called to begin this sharing process. After all, what better way to heal than to bring happiness to not only yourself but others too! The result was a magical moment that 29 Trinity School students took part in last year during our 60th Anniversary gala event. Watching these children perform the Weeping Willow dance that I choreographed was the first moment in my life when I realized how important sharing our passions and joys with one another truly is. Since that time, I have begun sharing my love of dance with others in all sorts of ways, especially my own students! Seeing the smiles on their faces is the best part, because it reminds me of the joy they receive as well.  We all have passions in life, but feeling comfortable to open up and spread it to others is what can bring joy into our world. It was only natural that on my birthday two days ago, I announced to the children, “Let’s Dance!”

Learner, Thinker, Writer: Sarah Mokotoff serves the Trinity School community as a Second Grade Teacher.

4 thoughts on “Just Dance!

  1. I am so surprised to read that you only recently began sharing your passion for dance. To an outsider, it seems like something you’ve always done due to your obvious passion and enthusiasm for it.

    I’ve told you about my lack of passion for dance, but I could still relate closely to your post. Whatever the thing is that brings a person joy, she should embrace it, share it, and enjoy it! What a simple recipe for happier days.

  2. I just got a tear in my eye when the video moved to your face watching the students dance. What a delighted, proud, and satisfied look you had on your face. That was truly a turning point for you in your passion to teach dance!

  3. Maryellen Berry

    So incredibly beautiful – I was moved each time I saw this dance – and once again, I am touched by the beauty of the movement and the gorgeous choreography. You have a gift, Sarah!

  4. I’m so glad that you choose to share your talent and your passion with others. It’s truly what you were born to do!

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