Selected to further our work in literacy, the following MasterClass sessions are offered to help us reflect on and engage in conversation about how we understand ourselves and the craft of writing.

Access to these sessions requires an account (login credentials) from Trinity School.  For this first year, we will experiment with up to 20 seats.  If this is your pick for summer learning, expect to receive your login information from Jill Gough, Director of Teaching and Learning, via email prior to the end of school in May.

While you may take the entire MasterClass from each author, we have selected specific sessions for you. Details are below the trailers.

Common sessions for summer learning:
Getting ideas out and down, Research, Drafts, Revision, Structure, Moving Forward

Salmon Rushdie

Walter Mosley

Roxane Gay

Malcolm Gladwell

Judy Blume

R.L. Stein


5 thoughts on “MasterClass: Focus on Writing

  1. Salmon Rushdie: The infamous blank page

    Sentence: Once you have something down, both your critical and creative thinking kicks in.
    Phrase: Terror of the Blank Page
    Word: Process

    While short, Salmon Rushdie’s The Infamous Blank Page connected with permission to have an imperfect first draft. Just go with the imperfection so that you can use both critical and creative thinking is the challenge. Extend yourself permission to – as Brene Brown encourages – write an SFD (shi**y first draft) so that you can start the process of improvement.

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