Enjoy the Routine Practices

Our Sixth Grade school year is filled with numerous events that mark-up our calendars. Often times, we are scrambling around trying to make sure the schedules align just perfectly with the activities taking place. It was just this morning that I was sitting in Opera practice listening to the Sixth Graders warm-up. Their sleepy voices began to wake-up and by 8:45, the students were ready to begin their third day of rehearsal.

However, before the warm-ups ended, I overheard Kristi Story say, “Oooh… the ‘Chocolate Cookie’ song is my favorite!” With that, Kristi gracefully took the stage and began waving her arms and guiding the students. The Sixth Graders piped up and were marveled that their math teacher was enjoying the warm-up songs and taking part in the otherwise routine practice. The excitement from the students led to chanting, which prompted Marilyn Bauer and Javonne Stewart to join the stage and continue the conducting. The faces on the children were priceless, and it is moments like these, which remind me to enjoy the “routine practices” and have fun while doing it — even if it means conducting 53 students!

Learner, Thinker, Writer:  Caroline Madden serves the Trinity School community as a Sixth Grade Assistant Teacher

3 thoughts on “Enjoy the Routine Practices

  1. I love routines for sure. But I also love shaking up routines sometimes for a laugh. It was cool to see the kids smile over this, but, to be honest, I had a lot of fun, too. While April and May can be chaotic, it is fun to be silly in front of the students!

  2. I truly believe in finding balance (although I fail at it miserably sometimes). I feel most balanced when I am able to move successfully between being my naturally silly self and my serious, more purposeful self. I love that my team helps me to be balanced!

  3. Maryellen Berry

    I love routines, for they bring predictability and comfort. But each time I am forced out of a routine, I find I learn something that I didn’t know before and can experience life a little more carefree. I like Javonne’s idea of balance.

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