What’s Your Social Media Personality?


If someone had asked me about my social media personality a year ago, I would have described it as barely existent.  I have a Facebook page that I put together a few years ago, but I rarely check it or update it.  I guess I don’t consider myself to be especially witty, and I believe there’s a rule that says stories about kids, pets, or a significant other must be funny or emotional for publication.  Plus, I’m generally a pretty private person.  However, this infographic made me think about how I have found a place for social media in my life.  I use it for professional development.

While researching student portfolios and reflective practices, I have truly appreciated the information that others have taken the time to share with the world through blogs.   Many of these people are educators like any one of us, but they are sharing their thoughts, ideas, efforts, and “failures” for the benefit of students everywhere.  And, at the encouragement of our Director of Teaching and Learning, Jill (@jgough), I have pushed myself out onto Twitter.  While I am no expert at tweeting, I am growing more confident and hopeful that my thoughts, ideas, efforts, and “failures” might benefit students somewhere.  At the moment, I consume far more than I share (known as lurking in the infographic), but I add my virtual two cents occasionally.  I highly recommend spending just 15 minutes a day on Twitter learning from other educators and thought leaders.  Here are just a few examples of what I’ve learned recently:



This New York Times article is just another example of how reflective people use what they know about themselves to effectively manage themselves and their situations.



Trinity Sixth Graders’ Random Acts of Kindness week made me curious to watch this inspirational short film made by author, Daniel Pink’s daughter.  Honk If You Love Someone



First Grade teacher, Mrs. Wideen, shares how she uses iPads in her classroom for literacy and math development.  Her most recent tweet was a link to her blog post, From 1 iPad to 20 iPads and How It Has Changed My Classroom.



I read all kinds of interesting things on the Farnam Street blog.  The most recent article is a summary of the book, Brain Rules.

What’s your social media personality?  Will you lurk for a little while, or dive right in?

Learner, Thinker, Writer: Rhonda Mitchell serves the Trinity School community as the Personalized Learning Specialist. @rgmteach

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Social Media Personality?

  1. The first time I read this, I was trying to determine my Social Media Personality. But looking at it again, it struck me that our “Social Media Personality” is often a lot like our life personality! I think a lot of “lurkers” on social media like to assess real life situations before interacting, too. And I bet many who “dive right in” put themselves out there in day to day life. My real life personality stops me from exploring Twitter (fear of the unknown), but maybe I’ll encourage my Social Media Personality to take a risk!

  2. Maryellen Berry

    I think I am not a diver and not a lurker but maybe a something more like a student of social media. Like the children in our care, I try it out, hoping for feedback, wondering if it worked, and trying to grow in less than familiar territory. Each new attempt brings about greater comfort and resolve to put myself out there some more. Thanks for this great post!

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