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Falconry: create dissonance, check "under the hood"
Good teachers ensure that their students learn the subject material to an acceptable or superior level.  Great teachers all do one thing well:  they create dissonance in the minds of their students and guide them in the resolution of that dissonance. (More)
Falconry: wise general listening to become a hero
 Sun Tzu says: Hence a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. This means that many aspects of the solution you seek lie within the problem itself.  Come to the problem unburdened by preconceptions and use the information along the way (More)
Falconry: multiply the diversity and scope of learning
Questions, however, can lead to many new points of information.  Questions are the source of inquiry and creativity.  They multiply the diversity and scope of the learning process.  (Lichtman, 43 p.) Isn't this what we want for our learners? Am I co (More)