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Inspiration via Caribou Coffee

Inspiration and coffee -an odd coupling for sure.  A great cup of coffee makes me happy, but it hasn’t quite reached the status of inspiration!  However, I recently was moved by a cup of Caribou coffee.  As I drank the cup of steaming coffee and tried valiantly to keep from spilling it, I was struck by the Espresso Truths imprinted on the cardboard sleeve intended to keep me from burning my fingers. 

     You are holding our pride and joy.

Though the statement was intended to reveal the hand-crafted nature of the beverage, it caused me to think about the children in our care.  Imagine if every morning as we opened the car door to let youngsters out the parent sitting behind the wheel announced, “You are holding our pride and joy.”  Though the words aren’t audible, the sentiment certainly holds true for each and every parent. 

I am awed and honored to hold your pride and joy.  As a parent, I am grateful for those who hold my own pride and joy.