Time in the Sun

Today’s 70˚ weather summoned me outdoors to do my paperwork.  It certainly would have been more efficient to sit at a table, but I just could not resist the sun-filled sky.  Sitting on our deck, I rolled up my pants, pushed up my sleeves, and lifted my head to gaze at the sun and soak in its warmth.  Within minutes, I could feel the tension begin to fade away.  With Diet Coke in hand, I sat and did nothing.  The paperwork remained untouched.  For an unknown amount of time, I relished the quiet moments of reflection. 

What did I do?  I thought about my daughter who was supposed to be napping.  I thought about the sermon I heard a few hours earlier. I thought about the upcoming week.  And I just sat.  I didn’t solve any large problems.  I didn’t write a poem or create anything.  For someone who usually marks her days by levels of productivity, this afternoon was somewhat of an anomaly.  It could, I suppose, be seen as a great waste of time.

Reflection. Quiet. Time away from a “to do” list.  I wonder what my day or a student’s day would be like if we had time – with or without sun – to sit and reflect.  Renewal.  Peace. Maybe only a little more joy. 

If today’s time in the sun is any measure of its value, then I say bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Time in the Sun

  1. Dawn Pile

    Oh, how I love this reflection and even more that you took the time you did to do nothing but relax, dream, reflect, enjoy and simply be. I’ll be holding you to those last sentences as we begin our partners in crime role next year. It is so essential, in the lives filled with so many good things and myriad choices, to make time to be alone with ourselves, to truly learn the art of reflection. The joy, contentment and renewal I hear in this piece is what childre also communicate when given the time to do the same. Far from wasting time, it is precious time gained…kairos time…time not by the hands of a clock…life giving time.


  2. skennedy

    Time in the Sun and Ms Pile’s response are both beautifully stated. Without joy, learning can be a trial instead of a triumph. The sun can bring light to those days and those hearts that need not more busyness but more brilliance.

    Thanks to both of you for reminding us all: it is not the clock and the schedule and the calendar but the heart and the soul and the mind that lead to peace and love and joy.

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