Monthly Archives: March 2008

Time in the Sun

Today’s 70˚ weather summoned me outdoors to do my paperwork.  It certainly would have been more efficient to sit at a table, but I just could not resist the sun-filled sky.  Sitting on our deck, I rolled up my pants, pushed up my sleeves, and lifted my head to gaze at the sun and soak in its warmth.  Within minutes, I could feel the tension begin to fade away.  With Diet Coke in hand, I sat and did nothing.  The paperwork remained untouched.  For an unknown amount of time, I relished the quiet moments of reflection. 

What did I do?  I thought about my daughter who was supposed to be napping.  I thought about the sermon I heard a few hours earlier. I thought about the upcoming week.  And I just sat.  I didn’t solve any large problems.  I didn’t write a poem or create anything.  For someone who usually marks her days by levels of productivity, this afternoon was somewhat of an anomaly.  It could, I suppose, be seen as a great waste of time.

Reflection. Quiet. Time away from a “to do” list.  I wonder what my day or a student’s day would be like if we had time – with or without sun – to sit and reflect.  Renewal.  Peace. Maybe only a little more joy. 

If today’s time in the sun is any measure of its value, then I say bring it on!