A Grand Day of Beauty

Standing outside for carpool at the end of Grand Day, I was struck with the incredible sights around me.  The blue sky served as the perfect backdrop for the stunning red-leafed tree in front of me.  The sun shone brightly, warming the day to a near perfect temperature for November.  In the midst of this glorious day, children and their grandparents and special friends shared time together.  Some built turkeys out of apples and candy.  Others interviewed their treasured guests about their lives.  Watching them walk hand in hand, I was struck with yet one more beautiful scene on this day. 

I couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of these children.  Sadly, my grandparents are no longer living.  My days of asking questions or sharing sweet moments with them are over.  Precious memories of them quickly rose to the surface.  Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice from oranges picked outside my grandparents’ Florida home.  Eating at the “kids’ table” on holidays in their kitchen in New York.  Riding a snowmobile in frigid weather wondering if I would fall off as we flew down the hills.  Learning to sew at ten years old under the watchful eye of my Grandma during the summer. Playing Uno around her table.  Stopping for orange pineapple ice cream after a trip into town.

On this gorgeous day, I enjoyed viewing  tender moments and reliving  lovely memories.  It was surely a grand day of beauty.

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