Monthly Archives: October 2007

Student Council Speeches

I listened to the sixth graders present their speeches for student council. Candidates stood confidently in front of peers and teachers from the past and present – all eagerly awaiting their views on leadership. Carefully crafted and well rehearsed, the speeches truly reflected the author. Though the content was compelling, my thoughts quickly shifted to the effects of this experience. What could have been a platform for self-promotion was instead a powerful community experience.  Students spoke of their love for our school.  They spoke of making a difference and of making Trinity an even better school.  I watched as teachers, staff, administrators, and students applauded the courage, humor, insights, and vision of these young people.  It was a proud moment for me – not that I had anything to do with it.  I was proud of our students, our audience, and a school that values and takes seriously the contributions of its students.