06.05.17 Make Sense and Persevere #TrinityLearns

Summer Literacy and Mathematics Professional Learning
June 5-9, 2017
Day 1 – Make Sense and Persevere
Jill Gough (@jgough) and Becky Holden (@bholden86)

I can make sense of tasks and persevere in solving them.

Learning target and pathway:

UED: 8:45 – 11:15 / EED: 12:15 – 2:45

Slide deck

8:45/12:15 15 min Norm and Purpose Setting
9:00/12:30 10 min Read Aloud – The Dot by Peter Reynolds
9:10/12:40 20 min Number String from Catherine Fosnot
9:30/1:00 45 min 3-Act Task from Mike Flynn
10:15/1:45 45 min 3-Act Task from Robert Kaplinsky
11:00/2:30 15 min Closing this session with purpose
11:15/2:45 End of session reflection and feedback


03.30.17 Mathematizing Children’s Literature #TrinityLearns

Math Committee Professional Development
Jill Gough (@jgough), Becky Holden (@bholden86), Marsha Harris (@marshamac74)

March 30, 2017 Morning Session: 
1/2 Kindergarten, 1/2 1st Grade, 1/2 2nd Grade, 1/2 3rd Grade

March 31, 2017 Morning Session:
1/2 Kindergarten, 1/2 1st Grade, 1/2 2nd Grade, 1/2 3rd Grade


  • I can facilitate intentional tasks to improve numeracy and flexibility for all learners.
  • I can mathematize children’s literature to foster several of the Standards of Mathematical Practice.
    • I can make sense of tasks and persevere in solving them.

Learning Plan:

8:00 15 min Welcome and Intentions
8:15 60 min Numeracy through Literature – Notice and Note

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (Mr. Tiffin’s Classroom Series)
by Margaret McNamara

9:15 60 min Designing for Learning (in vertical pairs)

  • Read and discuss
  • Brainstorm important concepts
  • Anticipate how learners will think and share
  • Connect to essential learnings or skills
  • Select presenter and get ready to monitor “students”
10:15 60 min Practice – Facilitate planned read aloud with others
in your base-team teachers serving as the learners.
11:15 10 min Next steps and challenge
11:30 Session ends with feedback, please


Kindergarten and 1st Grade choices

2nd Grade and 3rd Grade choices


05.09.16 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday May 9th, 2016 at 3:00
Location: Kato’s room
Kato Nims, Kerry Coote, Erin Collini

Learning Plan

3:00 5 min Welcome and overview of today’s meeting
3:05 30 min 3 Act Task
how does this relate to MP3
3:35 10 min Choose a skill from the checklist to create
a learning progression for.
(located on EED and UED Division Head pages)
3:45 10 min Critique and give constructive feedback vertically.
3:55 5 min Feedback – “I learned…, “I liked…,”I felt…”

03.30.16 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns

March 30, 2016
Location: Kato Nims’ 4th Grade Classroom
Kato Nims, Kerry Coote, Erin Collini

Learning Plan

3:30 15 min Welcome and check in about 3 Act Tasks lessons
3:45 5 min Discuss Progress Skills Checklist

What two Standards for Mathematical Practice
could your grade level implement into checklist
and later develop learning progressions for?

3:50 35 min Confer and develop progress skills checklist vertically
4:25 5 min Feedback – “I learned…, “I liked…,”I felt…”

11.16.15 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns

November 16, 2015
Location:  Learning Commons Breakout Room A
Kato Nims, Kerry Coote, Erin Collini


  • Continued work on vertical alignment, including 3s and Prek
  • Expanding knowledge of best practices and their role in our current program
  • Sharing work with grade level teams to grow our whole community as teachers of math
  • Raising the level of teacher confidence in math
  • How do we deepen, differentiate, and extend learning for the students in our classroom?


  • To work as a team to meet the above goals
  • To develop a plan for sharing, coaching, and teaching grade level members to further equip them with the tools to further gain confidence as a student of math.

Materials Needed:  laptop, pencil, paper

Learning Plan

3:00 20 min Welcome and Check-in – Brain Teaser – Kerry

3:20 10 min What does it look like in our teaching? (Erin, Kerry, Kato)
3:30 20 min What might it look like in your grade? – Erin

  • Independently reflect
  • Turn and talk in vertical bands
  • Whole group share out
3:50 5 min Announcements – Kato


“I learned…, “I liked…,”I felt…”



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