10.10.18 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns


  • We can learn more math in order to pass it on to our grade level teams.
  • We can scale our learning to our teams.
  • We can deeply understand the Standards for Mathematical Practices.
  • We can deepen, differentiate, and extend learning for the students in our classroom. (Instructional Core goal)


10 min Establishing Intent, Purpose, Norm Setting

  • How is the math in your classroom going?
  • Did anyone try an Estimation 180?
Brian and Caroline
20 min Mathematizing Literature Examples

Additional Resources:

Brian and Caroline
20 min Planning for Mathematizing Literature (Designing for Learning)

  • Gather in groups or work individually,
    explore literature, plan lessons to bring
    back to your classroom and team
  • Read, Explore, Plan, Anticipate
  • Connect to learning progressions, essential learnings or skills.


05 min Share Out:

  • What did you decide to bring back to your team?
  • How will it be used in your grade level? Why is it useful?
  • What can your students learn from it?


05 min Closure and Reflection

(I liked… because…, I wish…, I wonder…)

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