05.10.17 FSLT Math Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday, May 10, 2017 at 3:10:3:45 (part of FSLT meeting)
Location: Community Room
Vision and Direction for the 2017-18 school year
Kerry Coote, Kristi Story, Becky Holden, Caroline Tritschler


  • To learn more math in order to pass it on to our grade level teams
  • To scale our learning to our teams
  • To deeply understand the Standards for Mathematical Practices
  • To deepen, differentiate, and extend learning for the students in our classroom (Instructional Core goal)

Action Steps:

  1. Participate in or recruit others to participate in Embolden Your Inner Mathematician
  2. Study and participate in discussions around Standards of Mathematical Practices, including reading and implementing ideas in Beyond Answers by Mike Flynn
  3. Refine and rework learning progressions for each grading period (and calibrate with “next door neighbor” grades) to deeply understand the essentials to learn, to improve actionable formative assessment techniques and strategies, and to know our learners as mathematicians.

Responsibilities of the Chairs:

  • To collaborate with the Director of Teaching and Learning to plan committee meetings, professional development, and team meetings
  • To work as a team to meet the above goals
  • To develop a plan for sharing, coaching, and teaching grade level members to further equip them with the tools to further gain confidence as a student of math.
  • To help teams facilitate and implement work in the instructional core: relationships between student, teacher, and mathematical content


  • Find a common meeting time among chairs and DoT&L that is consistent before each meeting.  
  • Start the year – overarching goal (connects to the instructional core) and accomplish it by learning more math, scaling learning to our teams, and continuing mathematical practices through class and book chat.
  • Consider video of Embolden Your Inner Mathematician for missed sessions?


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