03.30.17 Mathematizing Children’s Literature #TrinityLearns

Math Committee Professional Development
Jill Gough (@jgough), Becky Holden (@bholden86), Marsha Harris (@marshamac74)

March 30, 2017 Morning Session: 
1/2 Kindergarten, 1/2 1st Grade, 1/2 2nd Grade, 1/2 3rd Grade

March 31, 2017 Morning Session:
1/2 Kindergarten, 1/2 1st Grade, 1/2 2nd Grade, 1/2 3rd Grade


  • I can facilitate intentional tasks to improve numeracy and flexibility for all learners.
  • I can mathematize children’s literature to foster several of the Standards of Mathematical Practice.
    • I can make sense of tasks and persevere in solving them.

Learning Plan:

8:00 15 min Welcome and Intentions
8:15 60 min Numeracy through Literature – Notice and Note

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? (Mr. Tiffin’s Classroom Series)
by Margaret McNamara

9:15 60 min Designing for Learning (in vertical pairs)

  • Read and discuss
  • Brainstorm important concepts
  • Anticipate how learners will think and share
  • Connect to essential learnings or skills
  • Select presenter and get ready to monitor “students”
10:15 60 min Practice – Facilitate planned read aloud with others
in your base-team teachers serving as the learners.
11:15 10 min Next steps and challenge
11:30 Session ends with feedback, please


Kindergarten and 1st Grade choices

2nd Grade and 3rd Grade choices


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