11.14.16 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday, November 14, 2016

3:00 10 min Check in and Celebrations

  • Kindergarten: Had their writing celebration.
    Every child read their book and the students that
    were listening were a great audience.
  • 5th Grade: Excited to have completed their narrative unit.
  • 4th Grade: Completed their first unit.
3:10 10 min Any Observations?

  • Observation in Adams/Stewart: S were writing
    a lot and showed a lot of improvement from kindergarten.
  • Michelle Observation: Great lesson in 4th grade.
  • Observation in Megan’s room in K: Neat to see
    the progress they have made in writer’s workshop.
    Turn in talk was a great way for all of the students to participate.
  • Observation in April’s room:
    The routine seemed very familiar to the kids.
3:20 30 min Debrief from Lisa’s Workshop PD

  • What went well?
    • Glad to see the mini lesson as well as conferences.
    • It was helpful to see a mini lesson and
      then talk to Lisa afterwards.
    • Useful to see the expectations for 6th grade writing.
    • Nice to see t
    • That we can make the mini lesson our own.
    • 6th grade will adjust the language to be
      grade level appropriate.
    • Students are more interested in writing.
  • What do you still need?
    • Upper grades would like to see the
      conferring piece of workshop.
    • Time to confer with writers.
    • Wanted to see assessments.
    • Videos on conferring and/or mini-lessons
      followed by a discussion
  • What are you going to implement?
    • It was helpful to see Lisa confer with students and
      review the structure.
    • Observe teachers who are a few lesson ahead of
      you to help prepare for the lesson.
    • Use the writing samples to level your student’s
      writing and find goals for your students.
    • Complement conference
3:50 10 min Share out with the whole group
4:00 10 min Next Meeting?

  • Continue to observe mini-lessons for other grades
  • Focus on conferring (?)
  • Marsha, I went rogue (!) and asked about spending
    some time conferring. A good idea surfaced and we’d
    like to discuss it in the next literacy chair meeting. Javonne
What would you be interested in learning about?

  • Assessment
  • On demand prompts
  • Schedules/time management
  • Let’s be done with it
  • Students seemed more interested with free writing
  • What should we show parents?
  • Difficult to take grades
  • What grade does each scaled score equal?

08.24.16 FSLT Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
First Meeting of the Year

3:30 10 min Welcome!

Introduction of members

3:40 45 min
  • Goals
    • Structure of the Mini Lesson,
    • Monthly observations,
    • Student Work Samples/Team Planning
    • Notes:
      • This year our main focus is the mini lesson.
      • You can use the Mini Lesson template to
        create a summary of each lesson.
      • Each committee member should invite teachers
        on their grade level to watch a mini lesson
        and give positive feedback.
      • Complete your observation before September 19.
  • Responsibilities as Committee Member
    • Check in with your team and get the pulse.
      How is workshop going?
    • Has your team planned your units on
      Curriculum Map? Edit your curriculum map and
      make sure that all of your workshop units are included.
    • You can find the curriculum map on Haiku
    • When are you starting Readers/Writers Workshop?
      • 3rd Grade:
        • Completing intro lessons this week
          for reading and writing.
        • Starting workshop next week
          for reading and writing.
        • Completing theon demand writing
          assessment this week.
      • 4th Grade:
        • Doing the pre writing assessment and
          starting writer’s workshop next week.
      • 5th Grade:
        • Taking 2 weeks to review sentence structure
          before starting writer’s workshop.
        • Complete “good fit book” lessons.
      • 1st Grade:
        • Talked about what is a good spot to read?
        • Launching reader’s workshop this week.
        • Will begin unit 1 after Labor Day.
      • 2nd Grade:
        • Building routines before starting the units.
        • Complete “Good fit book” and
          “good reading spot” lessons.
        • Talked about building stamina.
        • Started compliment conferences.
      • Early Learners:
        • Starting foundations of writing
          using Handwriting Without Tears.
        • For reading students are taking
          a picture walk by reading books
          with no words.
      • Pre K:
        • Launched three ways to read this week.
        • Began read to self.
        • Read for 1 minute today!
      • Kindergarten:
        • Starting reading and writing workshop.
          Learning routines.
      • 6th Grade:
        • Completed the on demand prompt today
          for writer’s workshop.
        • They wrote for 45 minutes.
        • Talking about big moment vs.
          small moment tomorrow.
      • Media Center:
        • Will help students find good fit books and
          can help teachers find mentor texts.
  • Look at On Demand sample and rubric for your first Unit of Study
    • Norming Meeting: During the norming meeting
      each class brings three levels of work.
      Use the rubric to discuss each piece.
4:25 5 min Closing

Next Meeting

05.09.16 FLST Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Monday, May 9, 2016
Final Meeting of the Year!

3:30 5 min Welcome!

Grab a Treat! We appreciate all of your hard work!

3:35 20 min Nicole and Monique- Writer’s Workshop
4:00 30 min Reading Vision Document

How do we align?

  • What is your vision for reading at Trinity? Quick Activity
  • EL/PK, K/1, 2/3, 4/5/6
  • What we do/How we do/Why we do
  • I Like…I Wish…I Wonder…
  • Review our current Philosophy and Purpose stating our vision of Reading
  • How can we restate our current vision?
Feedback form…thank you for your dedication this year!
Summer PD June 6,7,8  (Literacy and Math)


02.08.16 FLST Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Learning Plan
Monday, February 8th from 3:00-4:00
Samantha’s room (2229)

3:00 5 min Welcome –

Feb 17th Literacy PD

  • 12:30 meeting with Rhonda/Jill/Marsha
  • 3:30 meeting with Lisa Eickholdt,
    author of
    Learning From Classmates
    Please bring copies of UoS in Writing
    (whether it’s old or new)
3:05 15 min
  • Bright Spots – What’s going well?
    • Monique – How to writing, lots of writing going on in K!
      Inserted the power umbrella in there, too! Now writing in
      travel journal as they “travel” to different places.
    • Helen – Non-fiction unit in readingg and writing!
    • Grace – Samantha & I are doing the non-fiction UoS
      in reading right now and the kids are so excited to about it.
    • Robin – Noticed how far 3’s have come in fine motor work
      when she was at Saturday testing and saw older kids who
      were not as strong. Our current 3’s are ready to write!
    • Kailynn & Javonne – Have started their integrated middle ages
      Canterbury Tales study. Building the kids’ background
      knowledge/timeline to bring to the texts they’re reading.
      Connect to church and state and bring in current events
      (try website: Newsela, can level the text)
    • Amanda – Productive and constructive feedback for their
      current poetry unit. Kids give each other feedback and use to
      revise their rough draft. “How does this help me as a writer?”
      Aligns with SAIS work on empowering students.
    • Ann Reid – Patricia Polacco author study –
      diving into literary elements! Sharing as a team and l
      earning from each other. Lots of Wagon Train writing right now.
      Honing in on editing process and using power writing to organize ideas.
      Lots of persuasion!
    • Ashley – Students are researching to prepare for Living Museum.
      Writing in journals to align with study of Colonial America. Kids are excited!
3:20 20 min Mini Lesson

  • Grace & Ashley
    • Word Study
    • Orton-Gillingham


  • Word list every week
  • Word sort or “hook” activity on Monday
  • Dictation on Tuesday, can tap the syllables
  • Sentence dictation on Thursday
  • Working on neatness when working on a blank page
  • Friday assessment – 12 words, sentences
  • Uses Recipe for Reading


3:40 15 min “Poem in Your Pocket” Day – Ideas and explanation

  • Kick-off National Poetry Month beginning of April
  • Monday 4/25 will be our school-wide “Poem in Your Pocket” day,
    First Grade will start us off with a poetry-themed TTT!
  • Meredith – mentor poets by grade level?
  • Poetry break with buddies?
3:55 5 min Check out and close of meeting  


01.06.16 FLST Literacy Agenda #TrinityLearns

Learning Plan for Wednesday, January 6th 3:30-4:30

3:30 5 min Welcome- Michelle
3:35 15 min
  • Bright Spots-
    • Marsha has been observing Mary Jacob using
      Mentor Sentences and then will teach Ashley’s class
    • Amanda using doodling with Novel Studies
    • Pre-K using Daily 3
    • 1st grade using Non Fiction units of study
      for reading and writing
    • 4th grade new author study Patricia Polacco
  • How can we share our committee lessons with the
    greater community?

    • bring a lesson that you have seen or taught
      to your team meetings.  A committee chair will
      be happy to join you and speak with your team
    • create partners within your grade level team and
      share a lesson during your team meeting
3:50 15 min Mini Lesson

Robin and Shannon

  • Purpose of Read Aloud in Lower Grade Levels (10 min)
    • expose kids to lots of books and genres,
      create a love for reading
    • sequencing
    • listening to poetry
    • PreK teaching 3 ways to read a book
    • beginning, middle, end
    • character, plot, setting
4:05 15 min Mini Lesson

Amanda Thomas

  • Rereading for purpose (15 min)
4:20 10 min Check out and close of meeting

  • April National Poetry Month- Poem in My Pocket Day
    • Marsha, Javonne, Michelle, and Meredith will
      come up with a date and plan and get back to everyone