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Falconry: problem-finding, find the dissonance
Identifying problems as a way to move others takes two long-standing skills and turns them upside down. First, in the past, the best salespeople were adept at accessing information. Today, they must be skilled at curating it— sorting through the mass (More)
Falconry: power, influence, and persuasion jujitsu
... power leads individuals to anchor too heavily on their own vantage point, insufficiently adjusting to others' perspective. (Pink, 72 p.) I agree. This is really yet another call to focus on learning rather than teaching.  If I, the teacher, focu (More)
Falconry: value, honor, and ask questions
Questions are waypoints on the path of wisdom.  Each question leads to one or more new questions or answers.  Sometimes answers are dead ends; they don’t lead anywhere.  Questions are never dead ends.  Every question has the inherent potential to lea (More)
Falconry: Seeking balance between agitation and irritation
Reading from Step 0: Preparation of The Falconer: What We Wish We (More)
Summer reading and reflection - a way to Flourish together when apart
Flourish, our community learning blog, will transition for the summer.  We will continue to reflect on what we are learning as we rest, relax and refresh over the summer months.  We will not have a schedule to our posts just as we have no schedule at (More)
"Silent Night"
I sat in church today and knew that I would have to write a post.  In fact, I was a bit surprised how many times throughout the day that I thought about capturing my thoughts. It was a small church - one without pretense.  As a part of the service (More)