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Year-End Student Reflections: Student Voice and Choice
  If we can begin to consider that the primary purpose of the portfolio is to provide a vehicle for each child to grow metacognitively and to demonstrate competence in telling the story of learning, the door is open for the child to assume ow (More)
Fall Portfolio Samples
This fall My Learning portfolios were incorporated into the progress reporting/conference process for the first time.  Students (2nd - 6th Grade) had an opportunity to analyze their collection of artifacts and reflections to tell a unique learning st (More)
Language Development and Self-Assessment
In World Languages the students record themselves speaking in the target language, listen to themselves and assess their outcome.  They set their own goals for improvement. I think I did okay with my first attempt. I would like to work on my sp (More)
World Languages - Sixth Grade
  I noticed these questions require students to consider the relevance of what they are learning. I wonder how this st (More)
Shapes Become Design
This student turned her shape tracing activity into a design project. "That's me at my house on the porch.  The circle is a garden.  There's also a dragonfly." More)
Young Expert
This student teaches his class about sharks. I noticed the look of confidence and authority as he presents to his peers and teachers. I wond (More)
Me Bag - First Grade
  I noticed the student's finger pointing to her book. I wonder if that is her first chapter book!  How much effort did it take to get to that (More)
I Am Poem - Fifth Grade
I noticed this student's interest in performing. I wonder if the student recognizes their preference/style to perform "all the tim (More)
Me in August - First Grade
I noticed this student's pride about his experience with baseball this summer. I wonder if he has considered what he likes most about baseball. Self-Understanding opportunity. Core = I am. Strengths/Talents, Passions/Interests, Style/Prefer (More)
Kindergarten Writing Example and Reflection
  I noticed the depth of this student's self-assessment skills.  She very clearly articulated what she's done and plans to do. I wonder how she uses this information about herself and how teachers as coaches can use this type of inform (More)
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