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Teachers, Students, and the Curriculum
“Somewhere, I suspect, down in the elementary school, probably in the fifth and sixth grades, a subtle shift occurs.  The curriculum–subjects, topics, textbooks, workbooks, and the rest–comes between the teacher and student” (Goodland, 1984, p. 80). (More)
A New Math Mindset
  When I was an elementary-school student, I hated math time. My brain didn’t work as quickly with numbers as many of my other friends and peers, and I felt that I was “bad” at math. Unfortunately, I had this misconception until I was 33 years (More)
Planning rich mathematics lessons
There is so much to think about when planning and teaching mathematics lessons. At many schools, there is an adopted text that dictates what teachers teach and when they teach it. At our school, the adopted mathematics textbook provides a resource fo (More)
The Art of Badging
Growing up in rural Pennsylvania I was extremely active in Girl Scouting. One of the joys of scouting was earning badges. Badging (More)
Deep Learning...what does it REALLY mean? I\'ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what Deep Learning really means? Is it \"less\", but \"more\"? Is it more co (More)