10.10.18 FSLT Assessment Committee Agenda #TrinityLearns


  • We can develop assessment-capable visible learners.
  • We can use learning progressions to empower learners to deepen their understanding.

Today’s Action Items:

  • Share our Sentence, Phrase, and Word from Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners
  • Develop action plan for two main characteristics
    • See errors as opportunities and are comfortable saying that they don’t know and/or need help
    • Articulate what they are learning and why



  30 min 


Using the Visible Thinking Routine, Sentence-Phrase, Word

  • Whole group share and discussion
  15 min 

Develop goals
and action-steps

  • What do these characteristics look like?
  • How can we help our teammates help their students
    implement these characteristic?
  05 min

Wrap Up

Thoughts, questions, hopes, and next steps
  05 min

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